Eclipse & Subversion

Somehow I managed to overwrite my 54th revision of a project with a far less developed version. I wasn’t able to find any way to recover the file from subversion as it’s copy had been replaced (if there is a way to see ‘every’ change made to SVN I’d like to know!). So I attempted to revert my file in Eclipse using a local revision however it was stubbornly telling me there was no history for the specified file. In the end I managed to find my document 🙂 using Eclipse’s history. On linux the history tends to be in ‘~/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.history’, this directory contains many folders, with files which have hashes for their name.

To find the files with the particular contents I wanted I ran this:
This gave me a list of files along with their dates of modification, so I could choose the relevant ones.

for x in `grep -Rl “SEARCH_FOR” *`; do echo `ls -l $x`; done


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