Kin Dza Dza – A Russian Sci-Fi film which includes the basic premise of time travel, im slightly confused as to why its rated so highly on IMDB although I only watched the first part (i gave up after a bit) the story line seemed fairly bland and not particularly entertaining.

Pi – a really interesting film shot entirely in B&W with a high contrast feel which adds an element of surrealism to it.

Primer – another time travel film which doesn’t gloss over some interesting ideas on time travel and how it could occur.

Brazil – I loved the cinematography of this film some of the scenes are truly spectacular, worth watching for this alone.


Get cell id & location area code from bluetooth phone

The following will work in OSX will probably work in a similar form in linux.
Go to bluetooth preferences and select your phone and click Edit Serial Ports, add a new RS232 serial port, if there isnt one listed, I called mine Nokia. It can then be found under /dev/cu.Nokia.

Run in one terminal:

echo -e “at+creg=2\r\n” > /dev/cu.Nokia # sends at command to enable retrieval of cell id, fails on a lot of phones I’ve tried, works on the nokia n73 though.

while [[ 0 ]];
echo -e “at+creg?\r\n” > /dev/cu.Nokia; # causes the phone to output its cellid & location area code
sleep 1; # you dont want to be sending data all the time 🙂

In another terminal do:
dd if=/dev/Nokia bs=1 # this will retrieve the cell ids found
or to log the cell towers to a file,
dd if=/dev/Nokia of= ~/cells bs=1 # this will retrieve the cell ids found
cat ~/cells | uniq > ~/cell-list # gets rid of duplicate entries of cell towers

Tech links (with a decided linux bias :) )

Interesting tech links – distributed shell, looks pretty cool to allow you to perform actions on a number of computers simultaneously

hak .5 – Its a really interesting tech show which wouldn’t be out of place on TV, its filmed with a professional feel with lots of cool content. – interesting online podcasts, check the show notes for the most interesting one