Modern day computing

How you should write programs apparently 😉

1. Dont trust the keyboard you use it could type the letter A when you mean’t B, hmm how can you prove this, well get out that trusty multimeter, wait one sec are you sure that isn’t lying to you, make your own out of chips. Damn can’t trust those ICs, well get out your transistors. Oop, do they really work, looks like its time to set up your own semiconductor fabrication centre. Oh maybe that silicon you bought is contaminated with plutonium…

2. Start coding. What IDE are you using again, better not have been a downloaded binary the NSA could be tampering with your code. Time to write your own.


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  1. B said,

    March 14, 2007 at 12:53 am

    Don’t forget, compilers themselves may just be illusions created by computers to fool us into believing that we can program them when they’re ultimately plotting our demise. I reckon that we should build and electron microscope to check whether electrical flow is REALLY going the way we think….

    However! We can’t accurately measure electrons, they’re just that awesome. We should write a letter to their union asking them to do our bidding.

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