The Future Is Bright

Why is it that VR has become almost forgotten of late? Surely it wont be long, within around 50 years when scientists have sucessfully hooked up your graphics card output with your optic nerves. As in the 70’s a 68 electrode device was connected to a blind man, which gave him the ability to see albeit in only a very low resolution & grayscale fashion. If brain scanners can already achieve an accuracy of around 10,000? neurons how long will it be before a sucessful brain interface is developed. If you could decide between a world of pain & suffering or a world of infinite happiness (albeit a delusion) which would you choose?  If we can control devices already by connecting them to our nerves, think how much more efficient it will be to control a computer.  No longer would thought have to be translated to the motion of ones fingers, you would have direct control over your computer.


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