Two simple scripts one to send data through ping, the other to recieve and display data (this requires ngrep, which can be obtained easily through apt-get).

Note in the reciever script, it wont simply work if you copy and paste, because the ^G symobols, should be a control character, this can be entered in vi, by using Control-V, then Control-G, in the appropiate position.

I know this should use the Net::Ping functions but it instead uses the ping command.

# - Transmitter
# the reciever IP is specified as the first argument

 while($i <= length($_)-2){
  $out .= sprintf("%x",ord(substr($_,$i,1)));
  if($i % 16 == 0 || $i > length($_)-2){
   $n="00"x(16-($i-(16*int($i / 16))));
   system("ping -c 1 -q -p '".$out.$n."' $ip &> /dev/null");
 if(length($_)-1 ==16) { system("ping -c 1 -q -p '00' $ip &> /dev/null"); }

# - Receiver 

$yourip=""; #change to your IP
open(NGREP,"ngrep -P ^G -l -q '' icmp and dst host $yourip |");
 if(substr($_,0,1) eq " "){
  print $n;
  while($i <= length($n)){
   if(ord(substr($n,$i,1)) == 7){
    print "\n";

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