Been messing around with my wap54g, trying out an interesting firmware called friefunk based on OpenWrt (it seems they’ve tweaked it to get it to run on a WAP device rather than linksys’s WRT routery gadgets)

It seems a bit tricky to set it up in client mode with the webbased GUI, as it doesnt allow you to specify a WEP key. At least it has a funky SSH interface, from which you can install all sorts of cool programs such as Kismet.



Although the Save Our Badger campaign is no longer in its infancy, if you would like to find more about the cause please checkout to see how you to can help the badgers from your home, without even leaving the front door! click hereΒ 

click here to find out how highly (or not, more probably) fellow digg users rated the campaign.

linux/ gimp and fonts

mainly so i dont forget myself:

cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype
ln -s /media/wxp/WINDOWS/Fonts windows-fonts # creates a sym link to my windows font folder, wxp is the ‘root’ of my C:\ drive in windows

Then run fc-cache to update the fontcache, and any programs which use fontconfig e.g. The Gimp will use the new fonts


When trying to convert a tiff to a jpeg I kept finding it outputing two images much to my annoyance. It turns out one of the images it outputs is the tiff’s thumbnail, to avoid this you appen ‘[0]’ to the end of the filename you want to convert.

convert -resize 20% K13.tif[0] K13.jpg


JLuser is a java version of LuserNet filesharing program (for more information about LuserNet see bramp’s site)

JLuser is intended for sharing files across a local area network, and uses broadcast messages to accomplish this, it uses UDP & TCP to accomplish this, so your network must support this.

Download below and run with: java -jar JLuser.jar
when the program is first run you will be asked to select a download/upload directory.

click here to download, please email any bug reports directly to my email on the about page. Any questions, ideas for improvements etc. dont hesitate to ask me either. thanks.


sudo ngrep > /dev/dsp – hear the wonderful noise of the network activity through your soundcard, anyone who finds SClub7’s music through this wins a brownie point

radio station

Plays all mp3s or whatever audio mplayer supports in a certain directory, saves setting up an audio server plus its encrypted (dont know why that helps just makes it cooler πŸ™‚ )

ssh [IP ADDRESS ] “cat [DESTINATION OF MP3s]/*” | mplayer –

It appears to take around 18KB/s bandwidth to stream the audio or around 147Kbps.

If mplayer stutters the sound do the following as suggested
on https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/wiki/wikka.php?wakka=HighDefinitionAudio

echo “srate=48000” >> /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf

ignore me

Ok so this is a post we should all ignore, and probably should never have been written πŸ˜‰

Few interesting films to see

“Requiem for a dream”
“The Burbs” – very funny
“Butterfly effect”
“Eraserhead” < no dont see this πŸ™‚

Silly Bash server thing

This goes in a file called blahblahblah.sh
Then anything placed in $FILE is executed and output saved.

1.php:if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST"){
 $file = $_POST["cmd"];
 echo `./1.sh "$file"`  ;
 echo `cat ./out`;
form code should go here, simply has text field 
called cmd.

# this can be implemented in the php script 

echo "$1" > ./$FILE
OLD=`md5sum ./out`
sleep 3
`cat ./out` && rm ./out

while [ 1 ]
        if [ -f "./$FILE" ]
                ./$FILE &> ./out
                rm -f $FILE

Google News

Simply downloads and displays the headings of the current news topics (using wget).

Use ‘watch -n 960 ./news.pl’, to refresh news every 16 mins
(as google updates every 15mins, 16 to make sure it does actually change).

$_ = `wget --user-agent="mozilla/5.0" -q -O - 
 "http://news.google.co.uk/nwshp?hl=en&tab=wn&q=&output=rss" 2> /dev/null`;
@words =  /<title>(.*?)</title>/sig;
 print "$_\n";

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